Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)

Helicopter operations on a helideck platform offshore require accurate measurement of movement. The inclination, roll, pitch and heave of the helideck platform are monitored to allow safe take off and landing offshore. Our Horizon-HD Motion Reference Unit (MRU) has been designed especially to give the optimal performance in Helideck applications. To make a product that fits perfectly the application, we have based the development following the requirements of the “standard for offshore helicopter landing areas” stated in CAP 437. As opposed to a general purpose sensor, the Horizon-HD fits well the Helideck Monitoring application making sure all the needs are met without delivering unnecessary features.

Long term accuracy

One of the most important requirement for the Helideck Monitoring System is to have an accuracy close to the true Horizon. The Horizon-HD, as opposed to general purpose Motion Reference Units (MRUs), has a negligible long term drift in roll and pitch and do not need to be recalibrated. This allows to avoid downtime caused by having to send the sensor for recalibration at regular intervals.

Horizon HD