Compact Remote Sensor Monitor (MiniRSM)

The Vectory Sensor Systems MiniRSM is a wireless serial bridge with integrated battery, which can be used as a standalone system to power sensors and transmit data to and from a remote location. The system consists of two rugged boxes which acts as a bridge, avoiding a cumbersome cabled solution.

Versatile: Configurable interface

The MiniRSM has a configurable serial port, software configurable for both RS232 or an RS485/422 connection. A wide variety of sensors can be connected to the device which is forwarded to the other side of the wireless link.

Compact: 15x10x6cm

The extremely small size of the wireless monitor makes it easy to handle, transport and install.

Integrated battery

The integrated NiMH battery is capable of powering sensors for a prolonged time. The battery has a large capacity, and has no transportation issues due to Li-Ion chemistry.

Power can be turned on and off remotely, so power is only used when needed, hereby prolonging available battery capacity for longer duration jobs.

An external battery can also be connected to the system in order to have larger capacities or voltages.

Long range wireless communication

The wireless connection has a range of more than 1km LoS. High-sensitivity antennae allows the system to be used at shorter range even when not operating in LoS.

Logging: Very large internal memory

A very large capacity memory can be installed to have the system capture data during the entire operation. Data can be retrieved after recovering the unit, or wirelessly during the operation.



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