Microrad tilt sensor

An extremely rugged, versatile and very high accuracy tilt sensor / inclinometer, ideal for any kind of application where reliable, accurate tilt measurements are needed.


A wireless serial bridge with integrated battery, which can be used as a standalone system to control power to sensors and transmit data to and from a remote location.

About Vectory Sensor Systems

Vectory Sensor Systems is a Scandinavian company specialised in high accuracy tilt / inclination sensing in harsh environments. We are experts in delivering both off-the-shelf and customized solutions incorporating Tilt/Inclination Sensors.

What do we offer?

Products for the offshore and Subsea industry

We manufacture advanced Tilt sensors / inclinometers for subsea surveying, positioning and monitoring of offshore structures. Read more about applications where our sensors are being used.

Tilt Sensors / Inclinometers

Our range of tilt sensors is composed of highly accurate solutions which can be configured for any application. We offer rugged tilt sensors to be used in extreme environments as well as low power tilt sensors for battery backed long term monitoring.


We want to make sure our customers benefit from our high quality products over the years. That is why we want to keep a close collaboration and follow up on the products being used by offering calibration and repair services for Vectory Sensor Systems products when needed.

Our aim

Our aim is to work closely with our customers to capture their requirements and define their needs. We then use our expertise in the newest technologies to provide the right solution for their application.

We have a deep knowledge of the core aspects of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). We pride ourselves in being a reliable partner to our customers, using our intricate knowledge of INS sensors and algorithms to deliver unique services and products helping to solve challenges that arise in the demanding environments that we meet in the offshore and subsea industries.

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Oil and Gas

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