Microrad gains MODBUS support

Blog of Vectory Sensor Systems The Microrad inclinometer is a very versatile sensor, with flexible mounting, configurable electrical interface (RS232, RS485 and RS422) and a variety of output strings. However, so far, the Microrad has only supported a proprietary protocol for multidrop communication over RS485, limiting its versatility in some application areas. Vectory Sensor Systems is pleased to announce that the Microrad sensor will now also support the industry-standard MODBUS RTU protocol for gathering high-accuracy roll and tilt. Read More ›

Yaw-boresighting inclinometers

Blog of Vectory Sensor Systems A tilt sensor or inclinometer uses measurements of the earth gravity to give the roll and pitch of the unit. When an inclinometer is installed on a structure, it is important to align the sensor to the structure, so the roll and pitch axes of the sensor correspond to the roll and pitch axes of the structure. This is generally referred to as “boresighting” the unit. This blog post is an example of how to do yaw boresighting of sensors which use accelerometers to calculate pitch and roll values. Read More ›

Testing the Microrad inclinometer

Blog of Vectory Sensor Systems The Microrad is known as an extremely robust inclinometer, built from the ground up to support rugged applications. It has undergone extensive tests. All of these tests show that the sensor both survives extreme conditions, but also keeps within the specifications stated in the datasheet. Surviving and performing under all these tests in a laboratory setting is all well and good, but what would happen if the inclinometer was mounted on a pile being driven into the seabed. We went to explore just that. Read More ›