Calibration Process

We calibrate our sensors in our premises using advanced technologies. In order for the sensors to keep their initial accuracy, we offer to recalibrate them at regular intervals. The need for calibration and the frequency depend on the type of product, see below table for our recommendation for each sensor.

Calibration Programme

At Vectory Sensor Systems, we like keeping our products to their high standards and we would like to help the customers remembering that the sensors are due for calibration. That is why we have created the Calibration Programme. An easy way for the customers to get reminders for calibration.

How does it work?

  1. We reach out to you 2 months before your sensor is due for recalibration and let you know when we need to have it back.
  2. You ship the sensor to us on agreed date.
  3. We ship it back to you after the calibration job is finished.

How to join the Calibration Programme?

Joining the programme is simple and free of charge:

At the time of purchase of our sensors, we will ask you if you want to be part of the Calibration Programme. If you agree, we will add the sensors purchased to the programme and we will do the rest!

If you already have some of our sensors and haven’t joined the Calibration Programme yet, please write to us and join now.

Calibration recommendation table

Calibration Frequency Recommendation
Sensor Calibration Interval
Microrad 2 years