Microrad gains MODBUS support

Microrad gains MODBUS support

The Microrad inclinometer is a very versatile sensor, with flexible mounting, configurable electrical interface (RS232, RS485 and RS422) and a variety of output strings. However, so far, the Microrad has only supported a proprietary protocol for multidrop communication over RS485, limiting its versatility in some application areas. Vectory Sensor Systems is pleased to announce that the Microrad sensor will now also support the industry-standard MODBUS RTU protocol for gathering high-accuracy roll and tilt.

All new Microrads will be supplied with the new functionality, and existing sensors will support it through a simple firmware upgrade. Contact Vectory Sensor Systems for information about how to upgrade your systems.

MODBUS is an open communications protocol, and is ubiquitous in industrial SCADA systems.

The Microrad will still support the standard ASCII protocol. The MODBUS is just another interface that can be enabled using the Microrad configuration program.

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